The Queen Does Her Own Make-up 364 Days A Year

There's only one day a year when Her Majesty relies on a MUA to create that bright pink lip and rosy cheek...

Queen Elizabeth Kate Middleton

by Georgia Aspinall |

One may think that being the Queen grants you certain privileges. An at-home chef, sure. A personal maid, absolutely. But an on-call make-up artist? Apparently not! That’s right, the Queen – a woman whose entire job is basically making public appearances, does her own make-up every day.

Except that is, on one special day. No, it’s not her half birthday. It’s not even her full birthday. In fact, it’s doesn’t seem to be for her benefit at all, more for the public than anything. Because, it’s the day she records her Christmas message.

Not Christmas Day, oh no, the Christmas message is actually recorded in advance, usually on the 12 December.

So who does she hire? Well, on that fateful recording day, she goes all out and snaps up TV make-up artist Marilyn Widdess. It makes sense really, that of all the days to use a make-up artist it would be then, since the Queen's Christmas Broadcast is watched by more than 6 million people

The Christmas Broadcast make-up information is one of many titbits revealed by her royal dresser and best friend Angela Kelly in her new book The Other Side of the Coin: the Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe.

‘You might be surprised to know that this is the only occasion throughout the year when Her Majesty does not do her own make up,' Kelly said.

Typically, she likes to maintain her signature look herself – which includes bright pink lipstick, heavy blush and a light eyeliner. For this, she reportedly loves Clarins lipstick and Elizabeth Arden products, according to biographer Sally Bedell Smith.

So there you have it, all those occasions you hired a MUA for this year? Just know, you’re more extra than the Queen. We love to see it.

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