The Queen Hired An ABBA Tribute Band For A Party At Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II

by Katie Rosseinsky |

It appears that ABBA tribute bands aren’t just a mainstay of wedding receptions and staff parties around the country: after a new report suggests that Her Majesty gave the go-ahead for a party at Windsor Castle complete with a Mamma Mia! film screening and live music from an ABBA tribute, it appears that they come with the royal nod of approval, too.

The Mail on Sunday revealed yesterday that Windsor Castle staff and their guests were invited along as guests of the Windsor Castle Cinema Club, dressing up in the requisite 70s fancy dress to enjoy a screening of the guilty-pleasure musical with live music.

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‘Members of the Royal Household were allowed to buy tickets for themselves and guests. It meant lots of ordinary people from Windsor could come in for the night,’ Windsor resident Erika Baker told the Mail. ‘Everybody was very well behaved, and once you were inside you were encouraged to really let your hair down and sing. It was a fabulous night, thanks to the Queen’, she added.

The Queen herself was not in attendance at the event, as she is currently spending time at Balmoral in Scotland, while a Palace spokesperson told the paper that ‘we would not comment as this was a private event.’

It was recently revealed that the Queen is a huge fan of ABBA’s 70s Scandi pop. BBC Radio Two host Chris Evans told listeners that a friend who had attended a dinner at Windsor Castle saw Her Majesty take to the dancefloor when ‘Dancing Queen’ was played, reportedly telling partygoers that ‘I always try to dance when this song comes on, because I am the Queen, and I like to dance.’

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