The Queen Drinks A Gin Cocktail Everyday Before Lunch


by Elizabeth Bennett |

Proving once and for all that the Queen is a girl after our own heart, it has been revealed that her Majesty enjoys a gin and Dubonnet with ice and a slice before tucking into her lunch. Yep, if you were ever looking for an excuse to crack into the Gordon's pre 1pm this is it.

This insight into the 91-year-old royal's daily routine comes courtesy of her cousin Margaret Rhodes, who revealed the information before she died last December.

And according to Rhodes' report, the Queen's gin and Dubonnet isn't the only alcholic beverage she dabbles with, in fact, she indulges in four boozy drinks each day.

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After lunch she washes down her meal with a glass of wine and then in the evening she sometimes enjoys a dry martini before finishing up with a pre-bedtime glass of champagne. Sounds like a perfect day to us.

Earlier this year the former royal chef Darren McGrady exposed what the Queen actually eats, including the info that she is partial to homemade chocolate biscuit cake, so much so she takes it on every trip she goes on.

McGrady also revealed that when she isn't eating cake her diet is pretty healthy and she follows a no starch rule, instead filling her plate with grilled fish or chicken with steamed vegetables or salad.

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