These Are The Most Likely Names For Kate Middleton and Prince William’s New Baby

Does this mean the royal couple are sticking to tradition?


by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Prince William and Kate Middleton's third child isn't due until April, and the sex of the baby hasn't yet been revealed, but this hasn't stopped bookies in the UK from hedging their bets on baby names.

At the moment, the odds favour the name Alice for a girl (which is also the sex that's favoured by the bookies, even though the royals are keeping a very tight lip about this). The most popular name for a baby boy is Albert.

Many people think that if the royal couple have a girl, they will choose the name Alice to honour Will's grandfather, Prince Philip, 96. Princess Alice was the name of Philip's mother, who was a great-granddaughter to Queen Victoria, so it seems like an appropriate name for the new royal family member.

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Jessica Bridge of the Ladbrokes Betting Agency in the UK told Newshub that the royal family tends to “regurgitate the same names every few generations so it’s very hard to see a Princess Chardonnay or a Prince Wayne.” Which is a good thing, because Princess Alice and Prince Albert seem much more fitting.

The royal couple's first two children's names - Prince George Alexander Louis, 4, and Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, 2 - were both elegant yet traditional, and clearly inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries. George and Charlotte's first names are also made up of one or two syllables, which Kate and William are thought to favour. If this is the case, Alice and Albert are names which are very much in the running for the new royal baby.

Bookies are also taking bets on how much the baby will weigh, with the most popular guess being three kilograms. We can speculate all we want, but we guess we'll just have to wait until April to find out which bets are actually accurate!

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