Prince George Couldn’t Work Out Why ‘Uncle Harry’ Was On His Best Behaviour In Front Of Obamas

Prince Harry

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It would be hard to imagine Prince Harry is a boring uncle – you know, the type who has trouble interacting with kids, zero idea how to entertain them, can't work a remote control car... you get the drift.

So of course it's no surprise to learn that Prince Haz is not a boring uncle, so much so, that on the one occasion he was required to be a little more subdued than normal, it worried his nephew Prince George so much, he felt compelled to comment on it.

To set the scene, President and Mrs Obama were having their 'informal' dinner at Kensington Palace with Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince 'Uncle' Harry last month.

Prince George was allowed to stay up to say hello to the US President and his wife, but during their brief meeting, it was Prince Harry – and his weird behaviour – that took up most of the boy's attention, as Michelle Obama revealed in an interview at this weekend's Invictus Games launch...

'I have to say that the most precious thing – if you haven't already fallen in love with him,' Michelle said, motioning to Harry, 'is to see him with his nephew. Because all throughout, [Prince George] was like, "Uncle Harry, why are you so quiet? Why are you so quiet?"'

'So embarrassing,' Harry quipped.

'And I was like: what? You're not quiet!'

'I was there, sort of, best behaviour...' Harry said.

'You were,' Michele agreed, 'and he didn't understand what was wrong with you.'

'Normally I'm there throwing him around the room and stuff, so...'

'He's got a pretty good uncle over here,' the First Lady added.

Awwww! Just as we thought! So yes, it's no surprise to learn that Prince Harry is a good uncle, but that's probably because he learned his familial responsibilities from the master – The Queen, who is herself, such a good grandmother; not least for letting her grandson persuade her to get involved with his Invictus Games teaser...

Also in the interview, Harry relayed how Michelle had come to him with the challenge – you know, that 'Bring It at the Invictus Games, drop-the-mike' video. Michelle then explained that her husband, Barack, had told Harry (at that very Kensington Palace dinner): 'If you can get your grandmother to [get involved], then you can drop the mike'.

Harry revelaed he was hesitant about asking The Queen at first because he didn't want to 'back her into a corner'. However, 'when I showed her the video and I told her, she was like: "Right, what do we need to do? Let's do it, let's do this".'

(Though we imagine, not quite like that.)

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What a lady! What a grandson! Bring on the games!

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