How Prince Andrew’s Recent Scandals Are Hinted At In The Crown’s Season 4

The show is set in the 1980s, but recent troubles are addressed...

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The new series of The Crown is based firmly in the 1980s, with Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana entering the fray and mixing things up for the family. Naturally, this means that contemporary events don't get a look in, with modern royal scandals either waiting until seasons 5 or 6 or being avoided altogether. Peter Morgan has, for example, already stated that the show's run will end before Meghan Markle or the Prince Andrew scandal becomes an issue. That said, there are ways of nodding to current problems.

In the new series of The Crown, The Queen - played by Olivia Colman - has tea with her son, Andrew - played by Tom Byrne - who says he is dating a young actress. Historically, this matches up, to a relationship Andrew enjoyed at this time with actress Koo Stark, who he met in 1981.

'This latest one is quite something', Andrew says to his mother in the scene, where they are discussing the possibility of Andrew marrying in the future. The conversation then goes as follows:

The Queen: 'Oh yes, the young, racy American actress.'

Andrew: 'Yes!'

The Queen: 'Not sure which of those words make my heart sink most.'

Andrew: 'Mustn't believe what you read.'

The Queen: 'I have nothing else to go on, since you haven't brought her to meet me, and it's unlikely I'd know her from her oeuvre.'

Andrew: 'Really? You're not familiar with The Awakening of Emily?'

The Queen: 'No, should I be?'

Andrew: 'I'm not sure it's your cup of tea, not because it's blue.'

The Queen: 'Oh, Andrew!'

Andrew: 'Though it's really not blue at all. It's set in the 1920s, and follows an impressionable nubile 17-year-old girl, Koo.'

The Queen: 'Seventeen? I'm not sure I want to know more.'

Andrew: 'Don't be such a prude, Mummy... Anyway, there meets several twisted and perverted older predators who seduce the vulnerable and helpless young Emily.'

The Queen: 'Are you sure it's even legal?'

Andrew: 'Who cares?'

Naturally, the basis of the conversation is all factual, although we of course cannot know if the mother and son ever discussed the film or, indeed, Koo. The film exists, and Koo appeared in it, playing a seventeen-year-old character. There's nothing there that is legally wrong or could be said to be inflammatory. But still, recent revelations and allegations surrounding Prince Andrew and seventeen-year-old Virginia Roberts - she alleges that they slept together, which Andrew strenuously denies - gives the otherwise seemingly unimportant scene added weight.

Makes you wonder if Meghan will find a way into the next two seasons, even spiritually. Watch this space.

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