Phoebe Waller-Bridge Says She Isn’t On Social Media, But Is This Her Twitter Account?

We investigate if the Fleabag star is tweeting in plain sight...

Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge says she isn't on social media, but is this her Twitter account?

by Bonnie McLaren |

If Phoebe Waller-Bridge had a Twitter account, she’d undoubtedly have thousands of followers. But even though everyone is quick to tweet about how much they love Fleabag and Killing Eve, the creator isn't tagged in praise - because she doesn’t have social media. With no Twitter, no Instagram and no Facebook, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an active anomaly in the world of celebrities oversharing on social media, deciding instead to stay offline.

But, what if Phoebe actually uses an account? And it’s just hiding in plain sight? (After all, she wouldn't be the first. Adele admitted she made a secret Twitter account after her managers took away her tweeting powers for being 'mouthy'.)

Earlier this week, New York Times critic Amanda Hess revealed - after interviewing PWB for a piece about Killing Eve - that Phoebe does actually read tweets before things air. ‘She also told me she secretly reads tweets when a new project comes out,’ Amanda Tweeted, replying to Grazia journalist Sophie Wilkinson.

Enter @drywrite, a Twitter account set up for Vicky Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s production company in August 2009. And it’s active - actively reposting, and liking, praise about Fleabag, praise about Phoebe Waller-Bridge and praise about The Hot Priest Andrew Scott.

But the tweets don’t really indicate that it might be Phoebe until you scroll back to February, where the account posted a cover interview from The Times Magazine. Accompanying the snap - which screams the headline ‘I was always really open about sex’ - is the caption: ‘Phoebe we’d like to interview you about your work! Really? My WORK? Yes we are interested in your WORK!... *Asks Phoebe loads of questions about her personal life and sex life then makes the headline about her sex life.’ Which, we don't know about you, sounds like an angry tweet that has been written by someone who had to sit through an interview about their sex life, under the pretence it was mainly going to be about work. It’s unlikely that anyone but Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who agreed to the interview, wrote it.

More clues come from July last year, where Phoebe seemed to tweet to her collaborator Vicky from the account ‘***** FIVE STARS for @JonesDryWrite 's play The One @sohotheatre Congratulations Vicky.' (It looks like Vicky uses her own personal account.) A month earlier, the account tweeted, ‘Please do check out Vicky Jones’ incredible monologue performed by @KillingEve legend @ComerJodie !! #bovrilpam’

However, Phoebe’s reps were quick to dispute that the account was in fact the Fleabag star’s. ‘It’s the Twitter account for Phoebe’s production company. It’s not her account as Phoebe isn’t on social media,’ a spokesperson told Grazia Online.

So, that leaves the question, if it isn’t Phoebe retweeting praise, then who is using the account!?

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