Sorry, But Naomi Campbell’s Plane Hygiene Routine Isn’t Actually That Extra

People are disgusting! Especially when they're flying through the air!

naomi campbell plane routine

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People are disgusting. That’s right, I’m sorry - I said it, other human beings can be gross. One person who is all too aware of that fact is Naomi Campbell, who recently revealed she doesn’t take any chances with other people’s personal hygiene when she’s jetsetting around the world.

In a glorious video uploaded to her YouTube channel, the model graces us with her airplane-ready routine. In true style, Campbell begins the tutorial by fishing out a pair of surgical gloves stashed in a zip lock bag (in her Louis Vuitton luggage, no less), before getting to work with a pack of Dettol wipes, disinfecting everything her supermodel nails could perceivably touch.

‘Clean everything you touch. Anything you could possibly touch,’ she repeats, as the woman behind her looks a bit confused (she does have the audacity to later ask Naomi if she can clean her seat!) ‘This is what I do on every plane I get on. I do not care what people think of me, it's my health, and it makes me feel better.’ The fashion icon then proceeds to place her (handwashed) cover over the seat, and pops on a breathable mouth mask to prevent her from inhaling other people’s ‘coughs and sneezes’. But there's a method to the madness, as the star tells the camera that she rarely gets ill from travelling.

And so, we say, you do you Naomi. People do mad things on airplanes, and her cleaning routine is far from the maddest thing to happen up in the air. As seen on Twitter, some people, like this man, are quite content with scrolling through the in-air entertainment with their feet. Ew. Sharing the video, journalist Vic Sanusi wrote on Twitter, ‘THIS is exactly why Naomi Campbell has that stern cleaning routine on the plane.’

To be honest, we might have to adopt her cleaning methods the next time we’re jetting on holiday.

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