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It’s Sunday night. You and your bae are tucked up on the sofa/bed/your mum’s spare air-mattress. Crisps, dips and wine at hand. Lastly, and most importantly, is to choose what to watch? If “no we’re not watching Titanic” is a regular discussion come decision-making time, do not worry.

Just because your other half hasn’t totally come round to the idea of a Bridget Jones’s Baby cinema date, there’s tons of films you can watch together – totally guilt-free. In fact, binge-watching marathons with your boyfriend is actually good for your relationship. Science says so, and we’re not going to argue with that.

So, whether you are looking for something funny, something romantic or maybe action-packed, we've rounded up the top film picks you and your partner won’t have any debate over. Get watching…


Films to watch with boyfriend

Die Hard1 of 10

Die Hard

C'mon who doesn't love Die Hard?! The 1988 action film put Bruce Willis on the map in Hollywood, playing the role of the Officer John McClane, who has a little issue with authority. Also – those arms. Just saying.

The Bourne Identity2 of 10

The Bourne Identity

MATT DAMON. Sorry for the capitals, but seriously though…Matt Damon mania well and truly took over our lives after we saw him as Jason Bourne fourteen years ago. The spy franchise is so much more than your average action movie - the legendary car chases, secret government agencies and strong female characters (Julia Stiles is perfect casting as the tough agent Nicky Parsons). Think James Bond, with an edge.

Zoolander3 of 10


Forget Kendall and Gigi, back in the early noughties it was all about Derek Zoolander and Hansel. What's not to love about the 2001 comedy that brought us Blue Steel? Firstly, the fashion is everything…a leopard print suit, anyone? The one-liners: 'Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.' And one word: Mugatu. Comedy. Gold.

Deadpool4 of 10


Ryan Reynolds stars in it. Too many LOL moments to count. Epic fight scenes. And, er, did we mention Ryan Reynolds stars in it? This is definitely not your average superhero flick, more of a superhero spoof. It's certified 18 and over (lots of swearing) and Reynolds' role as Deadpool is a more sarcastic version of Spiderman. One for action junkies.

Scream5 of 10


Wes Craven's '90s slasher movie revived the horror genre with the help of Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox at the height of her Friends fame, David Arquette (Courtney's then-beau) and that film opener with Drew Barrymore. Perfect to watch with the boyf if you scare easily. And vice versa.

Louis Therouxu2019s Weird Weekends6 of 10

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends

Even if you're not fussed over the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix, you'd be hard-pressed to watch one episode of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends – exploring everything from the porn industry to following pro wrestlers - and not get hooked. Justin Theroux's older cuz describes himself as a 'socially awkward nerd', but we can't help but fall a little bit in love with the quirky documentary maker post-viewing.

True Romance7 of 10

True Romance

If you're a hopeless romantic, then this cult classic from Quentin Tarantino (his first ever screenplay) is just for you. The 1993 flick is often listed in 'Greatest Films Of All Times' articles and rightly so. A film about a kung fu-loving movie buff (Christian Slater) who falls in love with a call girl. So far, so un-Tarantino. But then of course there is a twist, a lot of gore, and mistaken identities involves. Fans of both Kill Bill and Romeo and Juliet will both be appeased.

Boyhood8 of 10


Richard Linklater's Oscar-winning movie has finally landed on Netflix! The coming-of-age 'project' was filmed every summer over a 12-year period, which follows Mason Evans, Jr (played by Ellar Coltrane) between the ages of six until he's eighteen years old. A beautifully honest portrait of the fragility of a mother/son relationship.

Superbad9 of 10


You'll be hard pressed to find a guy who hasn't watched this teen comedy, and wouldn't want to re-watch it over, over and over again. Why? Jonah Hill and Michael Cera obvs - AKA the best bromance ever. Emma Stone's big screen debut is everything (she was just 17-years-old at the time). And while it was made in 2007, it's basically a catalogue of men's fashion in the 1970s.

The Breakfast Club10 of 10

The Breakfast Club

Okay, so Pretty in Pink is out. But if you're in the mood for a classic '80s John Hughes flick The Breakfast Club is the ultimate compromise - all the elements of a good rom-com without the super cheesy lines. Feel-good vibes.

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