Watch How Love Island’s Molly-Mae Edits Her Instagram Photos

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Even before she walked into the Love Island villa as a bombshell last year, with over 150,000 followers Molly-Mae had a very impressive Instagram following. Now, since being on the show, her followers have sky-rocketed to over 4million (casually making her the most popular islander ever). And you're in luck if you've ever wondered why her Instagram game is so good, as yesterday she uploaded a video showing us how she achieves her perfect pics.

In the video, which she says has been one of the most requested, Molly shows us how to pose for a photo - even if you don't have an Instagrammable bedroom - and how to edit the photo afterwards. She swears by Facetune, where she uses the 'smooth tool, the patch tool, the detail tool' which she describes as 'my three best friends on Facetune'. The former islander also demonstrates how she brightens and sharpens photos - and how she edits out cables and a stain on the floor.

'There’s lot of things I want to change, like the fact there are cables on the floor, the colouring is not that nice, there’s a big fat stain on the floor and I can see parts of my eczema that I want to smooth out,' she explains. The 20-year-old{ =nofollow}also uses the app Colourtone to further edit the photo and add a filter. For the final step, she then edits the photo on Instagram.

Want to know all of her secrets? Watch the video below.

Molly previously gave Grazia some top tips on how to achieve the perfect Instagram grid. 'I think the tops for having an amazing Instagram would be to stay consistent with your posting,' she told us. 'But in terms of actually taking a good picture, it's all about the lighting. Making sure you have that strong Instagram lighting is so important. For any influencers who would like advice from me, it would be to just make sure you stay consistent and post every day, as many times as you can.'

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