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Michelle Obama And Sophie Trudeau Had A Shopping And Lunch Date In Toronto

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Earlier this year you might remember the Internet having a field day over Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau’s burgeoning bromance. While the pair bonded while Obama was in the White House, their bromance peaked when they shared dinner in Trudeau’s hometown of Montreal last June.

And if new reports are anything to go by, their spouses are just as close. This week Michelle Obama and Sophie Trudeau spent the day together in Toronto shopping and enjoying lunch at Gusto 101. Fellow diners reported seeing the pals laughing and joking while sharing a kale salad, grilled octopus, buffalo mozzarella, ravioli, shrimp pasta and shishito peppers.

It wasn’t just a social call though, the women were in town for a speaking engagement addressing the issue of ‘Advancing Women and Girls to Change the World.’

This isn’t the first time the former First Lady has hung out with the wife of Canadian Prime Minister. When the duo hosted an event promoting girls' education around the world in Washington last year, Obama called Trudeau her ‘soulmate.’

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