Will Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall Go In The Villa During Love Island’s Meet The Parents Episode?

Everyone is dying to know!

Gemma Owen and Michael Owen

by Aaliyah Harry |

Yes, the 'meet the parents' episode of Love Island is a long way off, but time does fly when you're having fun! This series is a very dramatic one; in no time at all we will be gearing up for the Love Island final. But before that, the meet-the-parents episode is an annual classic of the ITV dating show. The emotional episode during the final week sees the islanders reunited with their family and friends after weeks of separation - there is never a dry eye in the house!

We can't help but wonder if the football legend, Michael Owen and his wife, Louise Bonsall will show up to surprise their daughter Gemma Owen. The horse dressage rider was the talk of the series during the first week and is still a very popular islander.

Love Island is no stranger to having famous family faces on the show. Remember in 2018 when actor Danny Dyer and his wife surprised islander Dani Dyer via video call? Or in 2016 when Adam Thomas from British soap Emmerdale surprised his twin brother Scott Thomas? They were both sweet moments and could well be replicated with Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall so, let's watch this space...

It seems highly likely that Gemma's mum Louise will go in to surprise her daughter. Before entering the villa, Gemma told Grazia about the 'close relationship' she has with her mum. She said, 'Me and my mum especially have an amazing relationship. So, I'll definitely miss her and I'll miss not being able to talk to her for advice - I think that'll be really challenging for me.' She continued, 'Even on dates - when I go out with a new person, I'll straight away tell my mum every single detail of what we spoke about. So, it's going to be really different not having her to talk to.'

Her father Michael Owen, might take a bit more convincing. Gemma told Grazia ahead of her villa stint that her ex-footballer father was 'not exactly buzzing' about her being on the dating show. 'He trusts me not to do anything to embarrass him,' Gemma explained. 'He didn't say, you can't do this - there were no dos and don'ts.'

Recently, while presenting a UEFA Nations League  game, he was put on the spot about Gemma's Love Island appearance. When asked about the show he didn't seem too thrilled saying, ' I came all the way to Germany to try and avoid all that back home, but it has been brought up anyway!' He added: 'But I am feeling alright. This is taking my mind off it so don't bring it back up.'

Of course, if Michael were to show up all the islanders would then know who her famous dad is. So far, Gemma has kept his identity under wraps. When asked if she will tell her fellow islanders about her famous dad, she told Grazia, 'It's not something I'm going to go in there bragging about.' She explained, 'I don't think I'm going to go in there saying "Oh my dad was a footballer," because I'm not really that type of person. I think if they asked me, "What do your parents do, then?" I'm not going to keep it a secret.'

Bring on the meet the parents episode, we say!

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