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There’s A New Meghan Markle Documentary Coming Out, And It's Very Intimate

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If the date of the royal wedding, May 19th, is marked in your calendar, then note down another one; Wednesday May 14th because that’s when Sky documentary Harry and Meghan: A Love Story will air.

Not to be confused with the Lifetime film Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance which airs on May 13, this Meghan movie includes interviews with her friends and former colleagues and will be a more intimate look at her life up until she met Harry.

So what have Meghan’s besties been saying about her?

Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, Meghan’s ex-agent

‘Meghan and I were at lunch and she was really excited that day at lunch and I said to her you look fantastic Meghan. What's going on in your life, you seem excited?

'And she said well yes, I have a date tonight. And I said really, with who, do I know him? And she said yes I'm sure you'll know him, I'm meeting Prince Harry, and in a whisper she sort of said. And I said who? And she said, Prince Harry, I'm meeting Prince Harry tonight. And I said Prince Harry?!’

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Aaron Korsh, Suits creator

‘The part of Rachel was a difficult role to cast because it required someone who had strength of character and also a good sense of humour. It was taking a while and then Meghan walked in the door and she just nailed it.’

Linda Ellerbee, former TV producer who Meghan Markle wrote a letter of complaint to as a child

‘She had been in her classroom and a commercial had come up for Ivory Dishwashing Soap and in it, it said for women with greasy hands, or something like that, all over America.

‘So she wrote a letter to the President of Procter & Gamble and she included that letter in her letter to me. At first they denied having gotten a letter. And I pushed and pushed and finally they admitted they'd gotten it and they had gotten several letters and they were going to change the commercial and they did.

‘And at that point we sent a crew out to do a story about this little girl, Meghan Markle.’

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