Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Had Date Night On A Private Island And Suddenly Nando’s Doesn’t Seem Good Enough Anymore

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by Georgia Aspinall |
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This might sound ridiculous since their job is literally jet-setting around the world, but we felt quite sorry for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their Royal Tour. 76 engagements in 16 days? We can just about get our weekly shop done on a Sunday without exhausting ourselves, never mind the fact that Meghan is in her second trimester of pregnancy. Honestly, their schedule sounded exhausting, but then we found out their date night was on a luxury private Island in Fiji and suddenly we feel sorry for ourselves instead.

That's right, as we approach the 12th day of their Royal Tour, the couple took a (Well-deserved to be fair) night off while they were in Fiji and apparently, flew to a super secluded romantic Island, Richard Branson style.

Vatuvara Private Island

Vatuvara Private Island resort, which is on Kaibu Island off the coast of Fiji, has just three villas all made from natural textures and materials. Not only do they come with a personal masseuse and infinity pool, but also each has it's own private beach. A PRIVATE BEACH. Oh how we wish Meghan still had Instagram...

Offering champagne picnic trips to the uninhabited palm-fringed island nearby, we doubt Harry and Meghan had enough time to explore, but if they did their options included snorkeling, golf and yoga classes. In fact, thinking about it, they both probably woke up at 4.30am and did every single activity on the list, this is Harry and Meghan we're talking about after all.

Vatuvara Private Island

Confirming their stay at the resort, Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya said 'we are proud to host them. This is a worldwide event so it is tremendous for us. They are a couple with global appeal to everyone.'

The stay comes after a stressful day visiting the University of the South Pacific's Suva campus, where Meghan gave her debut speech of the tour, which Harry later gushed about saying he couldn't possibly follow her. Basically, Prince Harry felt like anyone who has had to follow Beyonce at an award show, doomed.

So after almost two weeks of royal engagements, we really don't blame the couple for running off to a private Island for the night. We just wish our date night's included our own private beach and personal masseuse instead of piri piri chicken and perinaise. Actually, take that back, perinaise over a private Island any day...

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