Meghan Markle ‘Gets Twice As Many Negative Headlines as Positive’

A Guardian analysis appears to support the claim that the Duchess of Sussex has faced harsh treatment from the British press.

Meghan Markle

by Daisy Jordan |
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An analysis by The Guardian has found that twice as many negative headlines were written about Meghan Markle than positive between May 2018 and January 2019.

They discovered that out of 843 articles written about the Duchess of Sussex in 14 print newspapers since mid-May 2018, 43% were negative. Only 20% of the articles were positive, while 36% were neutral.

The newspaper also analysed articles about Kate Middleton, with the results supporting claims that she's had preferential treatment from the UK press.

While there were only 144 articles mentioning the Duchess of Cambridge in the same period, they found that 45% of those headlines were positive, 47% were neutral and only 8% were negative.

Meghan, who has reportedly signed a Disney voiceover deal, received more positive than negative press during May 2018 - the month she married Prince Harry - and the following month, but negative headlines about her had taken over by July.

The spikes of negative press were reportedly after occurrences of the couple choosing privacy, including when they decided to keep details about their son Archie's birth and baptism private.

One third of the negative articles relating to Meghan were also about her relationship with her father, while she was also plagued with negative press regarding her and Prince Harry's use of private jets.

Many negative stories were written about her family's involvement with 'drugs and violence', according to the newspaper, including claims about Meghan's nephew's involvement with drugs and her mother's home town being associated with gang violence.

It comes after Prince Harry and Meghan made the controversial decision to take a step back from their royal duties to earn a living independently.

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