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Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Are Getting Their Very Own Emojis

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Following in the well-shod footsteps of genius fashion designer (and probable satirist) Karl Lagerfeld and the internet-breaking Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle and her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton are to be given a digital makeover.

Aiming to launch in May of this year – just in time for the Royal Wedding – tech company DRKHORS has filed trademark applications for KateMojis and MeghanMojis.

Coming to a WhatsApp group chat near you, the emojis currently presented on the DRKHORS site show Kate necking red wine with her signature engagement ring twinkling away, and Meghan dressed in a very early-00s-looking pale blue short-suit. Both, of course, with manes to rival even the Queen’s favourite horse, Betsy.

And according to site TMZ, the inspiration for the Suits actress’ emojis will come from the whirlwind romance that she’s shared with Prince Harry and which has captured most of the world’s attention, while Kate’s will be inspired by her role in the wider Royal Family. So, we’re hoping that the Duchess of Cambridge’s might just also star the Royal Family’s cutest member, Prince George.

There are also a few phrases thrown in, including “Cheeky Bugger”, “American Princess”, and even “Does My Bum Look Good in This?” – surely a nod to Kate’s party planning and book writing younger sister. While fans of the soon-to-be-sisters can also submit their own ideas for which Kate and Meghan moments they would like to be celebrated and cemented in emoji form. Although, whittling down Meghan’s sartorial successes to just a few might be tricky.

Given that, in December, a source told E! News that Prince Harry and Meghan message each other every day and that the fifth in line to the throne is big on using emojis and GIFs in his texts, we can only assume that he’ll sure to splash out $1.99 for the MeghanMojis.