The Sweet Detail You Missed From Meghan Markle's Baby Bump Instagram Post

The Sweet Detail You Missed From Meghan Markle's Baby Bump Instagram Post

    By Katie Rosseinsky Posted on 2 Nov 2018

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s mammoth tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand has encompassed everything from boat rides through Sydney Harbour to beach yoga sessions and forest hikes. All of these are highly Instagrammable activities – but royal protocol forbids Meghan and Harry from having their own personal accounts (Meghan relinquished hers – along with her lifestyle site The Tig – back in January 2017). However, on their first ever international tour as a married couple, the Sussexes have been managing to sneakily get around this implicit social media ban, by sharing images that they’ve shot on the official Kensington Palace accounts.

    Ahead of the Invictus Games opening ceremony last month, Meghan (who, let’s not forget, was so engaged with her Instagram followers before becoming a royal that she shared inspirational advice with Suits fans through her DMs - one of whom she came to face to face with in Auckland this week) posted an image of Harry practising his speech on the Kensington Palace Twitter account. Even the social media averse Prince has been getting in on the fun, too. Last week, he shared a scenic landscape shot via Instagram Stories, and yesterday he proved himself to be the ultimate Instagram husband. Kensington Palace shared a heart-warming image of the Duchess posing in the forests of Rotorua, clutching her baby bump, which had been taken by the Duke. The scenery, the pose and even the burst of light peeking through the trees - it’s a shot worthy of those his-and-hers travel blogs that always seem to appear on our Instagram Explore page…

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    Perhaps the sweetest aspect of the picture, though (and one which might have escaped your notice) is the fact that Meghan appears to have borrowed her black puffa coat from her husband. The Prince was photographed wearing the quilted jacket at another royal engagement in Abel Tasman National Park a few days prior to this shot being taken. It seems that when it comes to stealing cosy clothes from your significant other, the royals are just like us.

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