A Reminder That Meghan Marke Used Her Old Instagram Account For Good Not Evil

She didn’t just use it to stalk her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend like the rest of us

Meghan Markle Auckland

by Rebecca Holman |

Meghan Markle gave up her Instagram account when she got engaged to Prince Harry, but in New Zealand yesterday, on the penultimate day of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal tour, we had a reminder that when she did use the social media network, she put her account to far better use than we ever do (we’re working on the assumption that she never whiled away whole evenings stalking former nemesis from school and ex boyfriend’s new girlfriends).

While on walkabout in Aukland, Meghan was visibly shocked to spot a woman holding a sign saying ‘it’s Hannah from Instagram.’ The woman in question was 20-year-old Hannah Sergel, a Meghan mega fan (we’re not being glib, she founded the Meghan Markle Daily Twitter account in 2015). The pair had been friends on Instagram before the Duchess deleted her account, and used to message each other, with Meghan encouraging her young fan to work be herself and go to university.

Speaking to Nine Honey, Hannah said Meghan had been an encouraging voice to her as she started university.

"She used to follow me [on Instagram] and we'd have conversations before she had to deactivate it," she said.

"She'd tell me to do well at university and encouragement to be myself, so she means the world to me.''

Upon recognising Hannah in the crowd, Meghan went straight over to embrace her, giving her a big hug. Hannah was understandably emotional after the enounter (can you imagine anyone famous from Instagram recognised you in a crowd of thousands???) but fortunately, the equally awesome Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand, was on hand to help out. The Mail Online reports that Arden comforted Hannah after the encounter, and sent her a video of Meghan’s reaction via private message.

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For the first stop on the royal itinerary, Meghan chose a cream shift dress by Australian designer Karen Gee, paired with Princess Diana's butterfly earrings.

Err anyone else thinking Meghan Markle and Jacinda Arden need to team up and do something amazing together? Buddy cop movie? Joint presidents of the world?

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