Meghan Markle Gave Donald Trump ‘A Wide Berth’ On Deal Or No Deal

Meghan Markle

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Meghan Markle had her fair share of random jobs before landing a lead role on Suits, one of the most notorious being a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal. And it just so happens that Meghan ran into the would-be US President, Donald Trump on the show, although she was sure to keep her distance.

An excerpt from Andrew Morton’s new biography, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, which has come under fire for its sexist implications, tells a story of how Meghan encountered Trump when he came on the gameshow to promote The Apprentice. However, many of the models, including Meghan, chose to avoid him since he was ‘super creepy’.

According to The Cut, Morton writes that after the show, Trump invited all the girls back to one of his golf courses. He said:

‘One guest caused quite the frisson: Donald Trump, then making a guest appearance to cross-promote The Apprentice. He gave girls his card and invited them to play golf at one of his courses.

However, Meghan wasn’t taken in by the ‘money and power’ and chose to refute his advances. Morton continued:

‘Fellow briefcase girl Tameka Jacobs told me, “He was super-creepy, but some girls were attracted to money and power and took his number. Meghan was one of the girls who gave him a wide berth.”’

Well, it’s a good job Trumps hasn’t been invited to the royal wedding in May, as that could get a little awkward. She’s not exactly been shy about calling out his campaign approach, calling him ‘misogynistic’ and ‘divisive’, stating that 'he's made it easy to see that you don't really want that kind of world that he's painting', so not exactly someone you want at your wedding.

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