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Meghan Markle's Family Still Don't Know If Her Father Will Walk Her Down The Aisle

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With the royal wedding just over one month away, it appears that there are still some major details to be confirmed: most importantly, the question of whether Meghan’s father, Thomas, will be walking the bride down the aisle of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

While doubt had previously been cast on whether Thomas would accompany his daughter down the aisle (with some sources claiming that Meghan had asked her mother, Doria, to walk with her instead, a move that would be a first for the royal family) more recent reports had suggested that the former lighting director would be taking a public role in the wedding as father of the bride. However, members of Meghan’s extended family now claim that Thomas has not been kept informed about how events will play out on May 19th.

‘I talked to Thomas last week and he didn’t seem to know what the problem was,’ Meghan’s uncle Michael told the Sunday Mirror. ‘He told me he hasn’t heard anything and he didn’t even know if he would be walking Meghan down the aisle. He’s very private, but I don’t see how you can be the father of the bride and be a shrinking violet. I think he has to step up and I think he’s willing to do that.’

Trish, a cousin of Meghan, revealed that her attempts to reach out to the Palace for further information (including sending a letter via FedEx to the Palace) have proved unsuccessful.

‘I’ve done everything I can to try to reach Meghan, but we are not invited. I’m not holding out any hope,’ she told the Mirror. ‘Certainly invitations would have arrived by now if they were coming.’

Trish went on to speculate that the actions of some family members in the wake of the engagement announcement (namely the media discussion surrounding Meghan’s half-sister Samantha and her ‘tell all’ book, formerly titled The Diary Of Princess Pushy’s Sister) might have led the Palace to opt for a distancing strategy.

'I think Meghan’s sister blew it for us by writing a tell-all book – and I believe they don’t want to risk embarrassment, which is understandable,' she said. 'I’m saddened, though. I would have loved to give my wishes to Meghan.’

600 guests will attend the church service on May 19th, followed by an official lunch hosted by the Queen at Windsor Castle. 200 will then join the couple at their wedding reception at Frogmore House.

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