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Matt Smith. Tom Hughes. Douglas Booth. The roster of hot, young male actors on our screens of late is hardly in short supply. But the original leader of the Brit boy pack has to be Max Irons. Already the star of The Riot Club, ITV's Tutankhamun and Red Riding Hood, and with plenty more film roles coming out in the next year, he's definitely one to watch. So here’s everything you need to know about Max Irons, the leading man you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the next 12 months...

How old is Max Irons?

Despite his youthful looks, Max is already in his thirties, and celebrates his 32nd birthday in October.

Who are Max Irons' parents?

Max is part of acting royalty thanks to his famous father Jeremy Irons and mother Sinéad Cusack, but actually thinks this pedigree heeded him at the start of his career. ‘Nepotism is despised in the UK,’ he says. ‘They [my parents] were very anxious about my prospects. Statistically the odds are against me so the trick is to accept that there will be tough times. But when it works, this job gives you gratification like very few other things.’ And don’t got your hopes up for a family reunion on-screen anytime soon. While he did have a small cameo as a curtain call boy in 2004 film Being Julia, starring his dad, he admitted in 2013 it would be probably be a ‘nightmare’ to work with his father as a grown-up.

max irons

What film has Max Irons starred in?

Max's most notable role today was probably in The Riot Club, the 2014 Oxford-university set drama. Adapted from Laura Wade’s critically acclaimed play Posh, it also starred fellow up-and-coming actors Sam Claflin, Douglas Booth and Jessica Brown Findlay. ‘The first time I actually read the script I didn't want to do it,’ Max told Paper magazine. ‘I thought it's too unpleasant and it gets your blood boiling too much. But then, I sort of realized the importance of it, and the idea of a double standard in justice that's sort of inherent both here in America and England.’

What films does Max Irons' have coming out?

The young actor is set for a stellar (and very busy) year. First up is a thriller Terminal, opposite Margot Robbie and Simon Pegg, then a film adaptation of one of Agatha Christie’s lesser-known story’s Crooked House, alongside Glenn Close, Christina Hendricks and Gillian Anderson. He's also begun filming new TV series Condor, about an idealistic CIA agent. We can't wait!

Didn't Max Irons used to be a model?

max irons

In 2012 the actor was making a name for himself in the fashion world too, starring opposite Kate Moss in a Burberry campaign. ‘I used to have a big crush on her,’ he admitted at the time. ‘She did a shoot for Missoni, quite a long time ago, and she looked gorgeous in that, and I used to have it all over my room at school.’

Can Max Irons sing?

Max was required to sing opera for his role in Woman in Gold, but it wasn't a pleasant experience. 'It was the singing, the opera singing that was a complete nightmare,' he said. 'The training was lots of standing in a room looking in the mirror singing at yourself, hating yourself'.

What about Max Iron's height? How tall is he?

He is an impressive 6ft 2, since you asked. We know.

Does Max Irons have a girlfriend?

max irons

Sadly, yes. Max, who previously dated Australian actress Emily Browning, has been happily together with British stylist and former fashion assistant to US Vogue Editor Anna Wintour Sophie Pera since 2013. They both split their time between London and New York and were spotted on the FROW together at the Lanvin Menswear Spring 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week in June. We doubt Max suffers from any wardrobe ‘mares pre-red carpet, then.

Does Max Irons have Instagram?

It doesn't have the verified blue tick, but this seems to be Max's Instagram account: @officialmaxirons.

Does Max Irons have Twitter?

Nope - Max has not joined the 140-character revolution, yet...

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