Matthew Perry Reveals His Favourite Chandler Bing One Liner

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

When it comes to the question of which Friends character was the funniest, it's hard to reach a consensus: across 10 seasons, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross (yes, even Ross) all had their moments of comic brilliance. When it came to sharp comebacks and one-liners, though, Chandler Bing certainly had the edge, and Matthew Perry's 'transpondster' is responsible for a sizeable portion of the show's most iconic lines.

But how do you pick a favourite from ten years of laughs? Appearing on Good Morning America this week, Perry (who, incidentally, recently revealed that he 'accidentally beat up' Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a school boy) was asked to confirm the best quip from Chandler's arsenal of one-liners. Instead of choosing one of the show's more instantly memorable lines, he went for something altogether more niche, taken from a scene between Joey and Chandler in The One With Ross's New Girlfriend.

In the scene in question, Joey is recommending that Chandler visits his tailor, Frank, telling his friend: ‘Why don’t you go see Frank? My family has been going to him forever, he did my first suit when I was 15. No, wait, 16. No, excuse me, 15…'

'Alright, when was 1990?’ he puzzles.

Chandler then chimes in with Perry's favourite line: ‘You have to stop the Q-Tip when there’s resistance,' a double edged barb which plays up to Joey's not-so-bright persona and Chandler's quick-witted impatience with his best friend. It's an unusual choice, but a solid one nonetheless.

Time to revisit those old Friends box sets for the umpteenth time? Any excuse...

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