Maeva D’Ascanio On The ‘Drama’ Of Ex-Boyfriend Miles Nazaire Returning To Made In Chelsea

Maeva, who is dating James Taylor, tells Grazia: 'My current boyfriend was a little bit jealous, so it’s never really easy.'

Maeva D'Ascanio

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Rejoice! Made In Chelsea is returning to our screens next week. So while the rest of our lives might not be normal, at least our Monday nights will be. Thankfully, while there have been changes to the filming locations because of coronavirus, this series is still looking to be as dramatic as usual. And there will be changes to the cast as Zara McDermott, Sam Thompson's girlfriend, is taking a break, and Tom Zanetti, Sophie Hermann's boyfriend, is joining.

Fan favourite Maeva D'Ascanio has also given us a bit of hint about what to expect from the next instalment of the reality series. 'It is the first series I’m really enjoying myself,' Maeva tells Grazia. 'I get on with a lot of people here too.'

And, yes, there will be drama - especially as her ex, Miles Nazaire, is returning after a year-long break from the series. 'First of all, I’ll talk about my ex. I haven’t seen him in nearly over a year. So seeing him again was obviously not comfortable. I had some drama because of that and my current boyfriend was a little bit jealous, so it’s never really easy,' Maeva, who is currently dating James Taylor, says.

This series we will also see Maeva's friendship with Liv Bentley blossom. 'I started to get close with [Liv Bentley] some months ago and always thought in my head that we were a bit different, but we’re not, we are completely the same,' Maeva adds. 'We’re very similar and it is quite scary to be honest and she spends most of the time with us. So every day I see her and spend time with her and I’m so surprised that we can get on so well. It’s really nice.'

But it looks like Maeva and Miles are well over each other anyway, as yesterday Miles told us that he will have a 'cheeky little romance' on the series. We can't wait for the drama to unfold. Made In Chelsea returns on Monday March 29 on E4.

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