Wait A Minute, Could Yewande Biala And Elma Pazar Be Returning To Love Island?

Their contracts aren't up yet...

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by Bonnie McLaren |

If you desperately want Yewande to be back in the villa, then according to fellow dumped islander Elma Pazar, you could be in luck. Speaking to Raj Pander on BBC Radio 1’s The Reality Tea Podcast, Elma spilled all about her life on the ITV2 show - and said that there might be a chance she could return, with Yewande, to stir things up.

Tellingly, she revealed that her Love Island contract isn’t up yet. ‘When you sign the contract it does say that you need to have free time up until the 31st of July or something,’ she said. ‘So who knows, literally anything could happen. Get Yewande back in there!’

Speaking about whether she would be happy to return, she said, ‘I’m just floating me, I’m like a rubber dingy! You can have me, you can pull me back in, you can throw me back out. It’s not a problem.’

Hopefully, two of our favourite Islanders do return.

Yesterday, after her shock dumping, Yewande told Grazia that she thinks Arabella and Danny won’t work in the outside world. The reality star said, ‘She came in to get what she wanted and that’s what she did. I don’t know if she likes Danny or maybe he was the easiest to go for. Looking at it from the inside, I don’t see them ever working on the outside because of the age gap [Arabella is 28, Danny is 21] . Knowing Danny and knowing her a little bit, they’re in different stages of their lives. It might work in there but it won’t work on the outside.’

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