Love Is Blind Reunion: Carlton Asks For Diamond’s Forgiveness

He also addressed the backlash over their argument saying, 'I never felt that she was biphobic or homophobic.'

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(Spoiler alert, obviously!) The Love Is Blind reunion has finally dropped - and wow, there was a lot of drama. (Amber and Jessica{ =nofollow}, we're looking at you.) But one of the couples who happily reconciled on the 50-minute reunion episode were Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack, who finally addressed the dramatic fight they had in Mexico.

ICYMI, the former couple agreed to get married, but their relationship quickly fell apart when Carlton told Diamond he was bisexual, and she was upset he took so long to tell her. In the argument, Carlton shouted at Diamond, as she responded with her own version of Beyoncé’s Don’t Hurt Yourself: 'Watch my ass [move] to the next dick boy. Who the fuck do you think I am? You ain't married to no average bitch, boy.'

'I’ve been very concerned with Diamond and her backlash,' Carlton said during the reunion, which aired on YouTube. 'I want to make it very clear that the woman that I fell in love with, I never felt that she was biphobic, homophobic, or that she wouldn’t love me. I was just afraid that we would have some issues that we would have to work through.' Both Diamond and Carlton also said they received death threats after the show aired.

Diamond also added that she didn't mean for the argument to turn out how it did. 'My goal right there in that scene was just to talk to him and get more understanding because I didn't know about it,' she said. 'I didn't want it to get crazy and out of control.'

But, in the sweetest moment of show, Carlton got down on one knee - not to propose, but rather to ask for Diamond's forgiveness. 'I’m not proposing to you, but I want to get down on one knee and apologise again at eye level,' Carlton said, kneeling down and holding the original ring that he gave to her on the show. 'And I hope that you take this ring again as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful without any kind of plan.'

In the reunion, we also discover that both married couples - Amber and Matt and Cameron and Lauren - are still together. Fans were also delighted to see Gigi and Damian back together, even though he said 'I don't' at the altar.

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