Love Is Blind Reunion: Amber Reveals She Almost Divorced Matt

The drama continues. Spoilers ahead.

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Love Is Blind. But it's also difficult to maintain. The dating show - through which couples met without actually seeing each other, and could only unveil themselves by getting engaged - has taken over our lives recently. Now, Netflix has released a new reunion episode, bringing back our favourite couples. And while some of them are still happy and in love, they confess that there have been hardships. In fact, Amber Pike and Matt Barnett admit that they almost divorced in the aftermath of the programme.

Speaking on the episode, which arrived today, Amber explains: ‘There was one point we almost broke because we had such expectations of a husband and wife. Normally in a relationship, as you’re dating, you take time, and you adjust to that.' Instead, the couple had four weeks to meet, date and marry.

'We were married, so we immediately expected it to be different, to be changed, and we weren’t kind of giving it the time that it needed to adjust. To get used to it', Amber continues. ‘I, at one point, I actually called about potentially getting the divorce lawyer, I was like “this isn’t working. Something’s not [right]”.'

There was plenty more drama in the episode, also involving Amber. She accused Jessica of ‘throwing herself’ at Matt, adding that she considered her to be a 'b*tch'. At the time, Jessica was also engaged - to contestant Mark Cuevas. The couple also say that they want to have a second wedding, so that all of their family and friends can attend and celebrate with them.

The drama continues. Now please tell us we're getting a second series?

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