Why Lourdes Is The DGAF Summer Icon We All Need

We want to be her

Why Lourdes Is Our DGAF Summer Icon

by Georgia Aspinall |

Growing up with Madonna as a mother you would probably learn that life is a mystery, to always strike a pose and that time goes by SO slowly sometimes. I already hate myself for that joke. Seriously though, one thing you’re sure to learn with a mum that wears see-through lace at 58 and unexpectedly snogs Drake on-stage is to never, ever give a fuck about what anyone thinks.

Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, is a full testament to that, as seen by her most recent holiday snaps showing her enjoying the sun with her friends, giving absolutely zero fucks, with her armpit hair on full display. Of course, the immediate reaction of many is, ‘OMG a woman with hairy armpits! What feminist statement is she making??’, which is possibly the most depressing response to come out of this.

It’s 2017, so you would hope that by now a woman not shaving her armpits wasn’t a remarkable occasion. That being unshaven in general, as nature intended, wasn’t making any sort of statement other than ‘I just don’t really want to you know.’ But alas, judging from public reaction, it’s still a big deal. Even Google knows, type Lola Kirke into the search bar and the second result is still her unshaven armpits at the Golden Globes despite the fact that since then she’s had a film out AND publically bashed Taylor Swift. Both of which you'd think would get more attention that a few hair follicles.

Don’t worry though, for Lourdes the secondary focus of the pics has mostly been on her bikini body. THANK GOD we can count on some to ignore our hairy armpits and just judge our bodies instead!! At least they will show loads of pictures of our arse and how bikini body ready we are despite our non-conforming beauty routine!!

That said, the life lesson we're going to take from this is to just follow suit from Lourdes and not give AF. Summer is coming up, which means sleeveless tops are coming back and I would LOVE not to be judged when I don’t want to give myself shaving rash trying to achieve the allusive Priyanka Chopra on her Maxim cover armpit.

Image: Splash News

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