OK, Here’s What Lewis Capaldi Actually Said At The Brits

Lewis Capaldi to present next year's Brits, please.

Lewis Capaldi BRIT Awards muted

by Bonnie McLaren |

Last night saw a return to live music, with the Brits kicking off at London's O2 Arena. There were incredible performances from the likes of Dua Lipa, Headie One and Olly Alexander. But it was also a night to spot some famous faces we haven't seen in a while, including Lewis Capaldi - who presented Best British Album award to Dua Lipa.

But, as bosses should have perhaps anticipated, Lewis has never been someone to sanitise what he says - after all, it's one of the reasons people love him so much - and so he swore a lot, meaning most of his speech was muted when it was broadcast on TV. It was basically just one big warped 'Audio Muted' noise. So, we've done some investigating and found out what he actually said...

'Hello motherfers,' he said, adding: 'I’m f_ing sweating. It’s like a swamp down there – sweaty bollocks. It's great to be here tonight, it's just great to be out of the house to be honest.' He then made a self-deprecating joke, adding: 'It's been a great year for albums, most of all because I haven't fing released one.' Lewis then made a joke about Scotland winning Euro 2020, which got some boos from the audience. 'I didn't f_ing write it,' he then exclaimed. 'I'm just doing a job.'

It was an iconic and incredibly chaotic Brits moment. And while some viewers expectedly didn't find his behaviour that funny, many thought it was hilarious. 'lewis capaldi’s ‘HELLO MOTHERFU-audio muted IM SO FUC-audio muted’ is how the brits is supposed to be,' one wrote. Another said, 'Just SCREAMED at them having to mute the entire of what just came out of Lewis Capaldi’s mouth.' And as music journalist Peter Robinson added, 'Lewis Capaldi to host next year.' Let's face it, it wouldn't be boring.

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