The Funniest Reactions To Lady Gaga’s House Of Gucci Oscar Snub

Little Monsters predictably aren't happy...

House of Gucci

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She might have won an Oscar for Shallow in her smash hit A Star Is Born was absent from the biggest nominations in film. Gaga wowed audiences last year in the incredibly camp OTT House Of Gucci, as Patrizia Reggiani, the woman dubbed by Italian police as 'the black widow' for ordering a hit man to kill her husband Maurizio Gucci.

And Gaga went to extreme - we mean extreme - lengths to play the role. She spoke with Patrizia's accent for an entire year. And her method acting was so intense it actually landed her in hospital, and the director Ridley Scott tried to intervene.

Her campaign for an Oscar has been long and arduous, and Gaga has put up more of a fight than most. In her press interviews for the film, she has given some of the wildest, most entertaining answers, from saying she drank the fake wine on set and felt drunk to exclaiming that she thinks the real-life Patrizia had hired a swarm of flies to follow her. ('Large swarms of flies kept following me around, and I truly began to believe that she had sent them.')

But, alas, her campaigning didn't land her a prestigious nod. The film was snubbed entirely, apart from a nod for make-up and hair. Little Monsters - Gaga's loyal legion of followers - predictably weren't very happy about the miss. And there have been some very funny memes about it on Twitter.

Oh well, at least Gaga has been nominated for best actress at the BAFTAs, SAG Awards and a Critics' Choice award. All is certainly not lost. And Gaga herself is holding on to no bad vibes, as she wrote today on Instagram: 'And to all the nominees this year, congratulations on all your hard work, dedication, your nomination and YOUR magic—you all deserve major recognition for what was a truly beautiful landscape of performances and accomplishments this past year.'

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