Lady Gaga Won’t Give Up Her Career For A Man And Neither Should Any Of Us

Apparently Gaga "couldn’t risk jeopardising her career in that way, over a man"

Lady Gaga

by Bonnie McLaren |
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When you think of a strong, fierce, independent woman, who isn’t afraid to defy convention, it’s hard not to think of Lady Gaga. Chart smasher; unapologetic advocate; fashion maverick; and, now, an Oscar winner to boot. Gaga is only 33, but she has released five studio albums (three of those were UK Number 1s, thank you very much), won nine Grammys, broken hearts around the world in A Star Is Born, and, inexplicably, somehow made a dress crafted from meat fashion. (Don’t get us started on how excited we are for her to co-host the Met Gala next month with Harry Styles and Serena Williams.) But, most importantly, while trailblazing a truly astounding career path for herself, Mother Monster has inspired thousands upon thousands of people - and even those who aren’t the biggest fans of her music - to be themselves. There’s not a lot more powerful than that. But, somehow, we're all still fascinated by her split with fiancé and talent agent Christian Carino - who she apparentely ditched in February because he was holding her back creatively.

At first, when rumours started to swirl about Gaga and Christian's seemingly acrimonious split, it was claimed that Christian - like three of Gaga’s previous exes - just couldn’t deal with her blinding success. And so, following the resulting hype from A Star Is Born, he called off the wedding. Unfortunately - according to Gaga at least - the theory does make sense, as she said herself in 2017 Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, ‘I sold 10 million [records] and lost Matt. I sold 30 million and lost Luke. I did a movie and lose Taylor. It's like a turnover. This is the third time I’ve had my heart broken like this.’ But now, new reports have surfaced that, actually, Gaga dumped Christian because he was limiting the career she’s worked so hard to build. According to a Us Weekly source, Gaga thought the talent agent "infringed on her creative process" too much, with the insider adding that she "couldn’t risk jeopardising her career in that way, over a man, and that’s not something she would stand for."

To which I say: yas Gaga! Whether you are Gaga-esque levels of fame or more likely not, you should never have to limit your career for a partner. And if somebody you’re with won’t accept that: get rid! A partner should have your best interests - which includes absolutely smashing it in whatever career path you chose - at heart. A man should certainly not want to stifle your career; especially if they are motivated to do so out of intimidation and/or envy. But, unfortunately, we all know this often isn’t the case. Have I been dumped by a guy because he was jealous of my career? Yep, definitely. (And I'm still doing better than you, hun!)

As someone who has been a fan of Gaga for years (and can probably sing the entirety of her discography backwards), the last thing I care about is her love life. She is so much more important than that - but, regardless, her personal life is still splashed by showbiz news outlets like it's life or death. Four splits over her career, along with those Bradley Cooper rumours mean - as Grazia reported last month - that, despite her repeated successes, just like Jennifer Aniston before her, she is too often reduced to the scorned spinster narrative.

And, regardless of how others percieve you, you shouldn't have to make detrimental career choices based on your other half, because, well, it’s just not healthy to depend on one person so heavily that you’re willing to sacrifice the things you really want. Especially if it might not last anyway - because it can lead to even more heartbreak and regret.

If Lady Gaga isn’t willing to give her career up over a man, then neither should you.

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