There’s Going To Be A Play About Harry Styles…Seriously

It's aptly called 'HARRY'

There's Going To Be A Play About Harry Styles...Seriously

by Chloe Laws |
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Playwrite and actress Caitlin McEwan has developed a play about two university students obsessed with Harry, and how their fixation on him and One Direction affects their lives. The play dissects their obsession but also how, because they are newly arrived at university, they have not yet found their own identities.

It's going to make its debut on the 11th of April at Theatre N16 in Balham; Caitlin spoke exclusively to Now about it, stating that 'Even though I wasn't a crazy fan, I do sort of associate them with my time at uni. The play is sort of inspired by that- it's two university students who bond over their shared love of Harry and 1D'.

She continued to explain why the focus is on Harry Styles and not the other boyband members because 'the mainstream media love Harry'.

Crazed fans can be a serious issue which turns from something innocent into an obsessive condition, Caitlin when asked about this problem stated that 'it's a double-edged sword' and that 'as a culture we seem to condemn you more if you love Harry Styles than if you love Arsenal'.

Since the play is yet to be seen, it's hard to comment on whether this is a publicity piece aimed to capitalise on the thousands of adoring Harry Styles fans, or if it'll be a thought-provoking comment on fandom culture and the consequences married to it.

You can buy tickets here.

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