How Amelia Windsor Is ‘Getting To Grips’ With Being The Royal Family’s First Influencer

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Apologies in advance to Meghan and Kate: Amelia Windsor is officially the fashion world’s favourite royal. The 23-year-old student (who just happens to be 38th in the line of succession to the British throne) made her catwalk debut for Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week last year, and it’s clear that she is serious about a career in the industry: she has since appeared in campaigns for the Italian fashion house and for the Duchess of Cambridge’s go-to shoe brand, Penelope Chilvers, and has landed internships with the likes of Chanel, Bulgari and Alaia. At the same time, she’s had to navigate the complex (and relatively uncharted) territory of being an Insta-famous royal with 75,500 social media followers and counting. Now starring in her most dramatic shoot yet as the face of Illamasqua’s The Reign of Rock collection, which marks the brand’s 10th anniversary, we caught up with Amelia to learn more about her accidental influencer status, her fashionable career aspirations and her idiosyncratic approach to personal style…

Has modelling changed your approach to beauty?

No, not really. On a day-to-day basis, I like to wear quite minimal make-up, but at the same time, I’m learning about different ways to use it, becoming a bit more confident about using bolder make-up. The Illamasqua shoot was a day of experimenting and becoming these alter egos. I loved wearing the black lipstick with the black hair; it’s something that I’d never do myself so it was interesting to try it. I picked up a lot of eye make-up techniques – it’s like painting, your face just becomes the canvas.

Illamasqua are known for their ethical credentials. Is that something you look for in a beauty brand?

I think it’s really good to voice those and to inspire other brands because there are those [vegan] options available, so they should really be the ones that are chosen. They still produce great make-up. I definitely approve.

You have 75,500 followers on Instagram and counting. Did you ever picture yourself becoming an influencer?

It’s more organic, really. I’m still getting to grips with it, learning how to use [Instagram] wisely and sensibly. Instagram is wonderful in so many ways, but it’s also something that should be used with respect – for yourself and for other people. It’s a learning curve for everyone, but it’s an amazing force of creativity and imagination. I’ve been inspired a lot in so many different aspects of life through Instagram, but learning how to not be on it 24/7 is another thing…

Does your extensive following ever influence what you do (and don’t) post?

I think it’s nice not to reveal everything about yourself and keep a bit of mystery – also not put anything inappropriate! I wouldn’t want to advocate anything negative.

Does Instagram influence your style?

Definitely. I’ve found smaller brands I would never have found before, as well as different ways of using make-up. There are quite a lot of Scandinavian brands, like Ganni, which I really love, that I’ve found that way. Once you’ve followed one then you find someone else… It’s given a platform to so many brands who would never have been able to afford advertising before, so in that sense it’s incredible.

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Lady Amelia Windsor Illamasqua

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Lady Amelia Windsor Illamasqua

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Lady Amelia Windsor Illamasqua

How would you describe your personal style?

It changes every single day – I definitely don’t have a specific style, though I think Eliza Doolittle dresses insanely well. I’m so easily inspired – if I like someone in the street’s clothing, I always say “You look amazing.” It’s the nicest thing to hear. Always compliment someone if you can, I think.

You’ve already found success with modelling, but are there any other sides of the fashion industry which you’d like to explore?

I’d love to maybe explore editorial, or join a creative team for a brand, looking at imagery and content. Fashion is so vast, there’s a million things. Ages ago Alexa Chung did The Future Of Fashion, a YouTube series about all the different jobs in fashion, and I remember finding that really inspiring, learning about all the different avenues you can go down in fashion.

Have you ever considered design?

I’d love to, if I got the opportunity. I’d like to do some more collaborations, but I think I’d need to learn a bit more about the industry before I did any designs myself.

Who inspires you in the fashion industry?

There’s a huge crew of so many inspiring people. Grace Coddington, Vivienne Westwood, Leandra Cohen of Man Repeller and Livia Firth of Eco Age, who is really trying to advocate for sustainable fashion, which is amazing.

How are you coping with fitting modelling work around your university studies?

I love my degree a lot and feel so lucky to be at university, but sometimes you are better when you are busier. I am – I operate better when I have more to do. Just write a to-do list and you get it done!

And how do you switch off?

Sport and exercise: yoga, pilates, I really love it all – and reading. At the moment, I’m reading a book for Italian class called The Leopard by Guiseppe Tomasi which I think is definitely going to be on my favourite book list.

Amelia Windsor is the face of Illamasqua’s new The Reign of Rock collection in celebration of its 10th anniversary. For more information on the range visit

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