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18 Ganni Items We’re Planning To Buy This Week

© Ganni

With payday a week away we’re itching for something new. We’ve named it ‘seasonal sale slump’ – that feeling when your wardrobe looks barren but the best of the summer sale items have already been taken. Positively obsessed with Scandi label Ganni, its new-in section is a shopping no-brainer and the only remedy for SSS.

When it comes to mastering trends and taste levels it’s always one step ahead and fully aware of how tricky items can work in real life. Take the wrap dress for instance. For a woman, like myself, a gaping closure is enough to turn me right off an item but seen paired with a t-shirt underneath and suddenly my modesty radar is buzzing and my credit card is burning a hole in my pocket. After a pair of summer holiday shorts that aren’t too matronly or too Love Island? Look no further.

Like many women, I shop high and I shop low, which is something Ganni understands. How so? It’s all too easy to be lulled into spending £75 on a t-shirt only to turn round and realise a £400 dress has snuck into your basket. Be warned, these 18 items are hard to walk away from.