Kylie Jenner Is Being Accused Of Stealing Her Coachella Look From Someone Else

Oh, Instagram…

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When it comes to Coachella street style, you know the drill. Flower headbands, temporary tattoos, cut off denim shorts, fringing, fringing, fringing – but while this prescribed ‘look’ has become as synonymous with the Californian desert festival as the music itself, it seems ‘stealing outfits’ from other festival-goers is not OK.

You may think Kylie Jenner prepared her epic Coachella festival wardrobe weeks, nay months in advance, however some Instagram spies have noticed that one of the outfits she shared on Snapchat appears to be an exact replica of an outfit worn by New Zealand-based Instagrammer Brit Day two weeks earlier.

Here is the Brit Day version.

Cue Instagram comments along the lines of… (scuze grammatical errors, it’s Instagram):

‘Noo, Kylie copied her whole outfit.’

‘U late af.’

‘V original KY.’

‘OMG she stole her complete look.’

And out favourite, ‘do you think she jacked it?’.

Whether this was a complete accident, or Kylie did what any normal civilian does and scroll through Instagram looking for street style inspiration, Brit Day had possibly the best reaction to this ‘incident’.

She loved it. #shesababe.

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