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Kourtney Kardashian Appears Before Congress To Change Cosmetic Law

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She may have only just announced her collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics, but Kourtney Kardashian is already making a name for herself in the makeup community. It’s not the reception of the new eyeshadow palette she’s focusing on though, but rather what goes into them.

As a preacher of all things non-toxic, organic, paraben free (the list goes on), Kourtney has joined the efforts of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to lobby the US Congress for better regulation of beauty products. The initiative is fighting for stricter federal laws on the screening of personal care products, with existing legislation remaining unchanged for almost 80 years.

Using the hashtag #beautymadebetter, Kourtney has been documenting her trip to Washington on social media, addressing Congress with EWG President Ken Cook and earning the support of Rep Frank Pallone Jr, a member of the house Energy and Commerce Committee. He said:

‘The laws for cosmetics have been left untouched for nearly 80 years, we really should be taking this opportunity to consider legislation to give FDA the authority and the resources to ensure cosmetics are safe for the American people.’

While Kourtney’s alignment with the lobbying group has been praised by many, some are pointing out what could be a contradiction with her new collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics. One Twitter user in attendance at her Capitol Hill appearance said online:

‘Disappointed in consumer safety briefing with @kourtneykardash. Denied to answer what chemicals are in her new makeup line with sister @KylieJenner and side-stepped questions on where the family sources their products… yet Kourt was advocating for safer & smarter cosmetics?’

While Kourtney maintained that Kylie Cosmetics avoids using toxic chemicals, her not giving specifics has raised some eyebrows about her authenticity in supporting this cause. However, others are coming to her defense for attempting to positively change the law regardless of her affiliation with her sister’s cult makeup brand.

Whether or not she will be successful in changing the law around beauty regulations remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt her high profile status will put a lot of pressure on Congress to act on the initiative.

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