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Kim Kardashian Wants A Surprising Person To Play Her In Film Of Her Life

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As one of the most famous people in the world, a biopic of Kim Kardashian is probably on the cards at some point. But with such a distinctive look, who would she like to play her? The answer might surprise you.

While the obvious responses might be anyone from younger sister and doppelgänger Kylie Jenner to one of her several lookalikes, the star has revealed that it is actually biggest fan and Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence who she would favour.

She made the surprising announcement while being interviewed on the Extra show by Mark Wright, as the former TOWIE star asked her if she'd let Jennifer play her in a film of her life.

'Of course she could. She's the best actress.' Kim responded, giving the Mother! actress her seal of approval.

While Jennifer and Kim bear little resemblance to each other physically, there's no doubt that the actress would go above and beyond for the role, especially considering that she's a self-confessed Kardashian mega-fan. She even got to meet her idol recently while covering for Jimmy Kimmel, interviewing her guest about everything from her home life with Kanye to her surrogate. It was during that interview that she asked if she could be a surrogate for Kim next time, something Kim agreed to.

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