Is This Kendall Jenner’s New Boyfriend?

Spoiler alert: he's not a former member of One Direction

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Remember when Selena Gomez sent the Internet into overdrive when she casually revealed that Kendall Jenner has a secret boyfriend? Well, it seems that the lucky man has finally been revealed and – spoiler alert – it’s not Harry Styles.

According to reports, Kendall has been dating Jordan Clarkson who plays basketball for the LA Lakers, for the past couple of months, but has (understandably) chosen to keep her relationship under the radar.

A source told People that the pair ‘have been secretly dating for months and they are super into each other.’ So that explains why Kendall has been pictured at so many baseball games in the past few weeks, then. The source added 'He is super sweet and a total gentleman, and Kendall loves that.' Aww.

23-year-old Jordan began playing for the Lakers in 2014, and is now considered one of the team's biggest names. Kardashian fans will recognise the Lakers as the former team of Lamar Odom, the ex-husband of Kendall's half sister, Khloé - got that? - and it's rumoured that Khloé played a part in setting the pair up.

Kendall was previously linked with former One Direction star Harry Styles, after the pair were spotted holidaying on a yacht in St Barts over the new year. The former couple were recently the victims of a privacy leak, when personal images of the pair appeared online after the iCloud account of Styles' mother Anne Cox was targeted by hackers.

On 15th March we wrote...

Is Kendall Jenner single? Or in a relationship? This appears to be social media’s current obsession, fuelled in part by Selena Gomez’s candid revelation yesterday.

During an interview on Capital FM’s radio show on Monday, Selena Gomez was happily chatting away about her girl squad, before casually dropping the news that none of her squad is single, apart from SG.

‘None of them are single, just so you know,' she told Capital FM’s host Roman Kemp. ‘Taylor is not single, Gigi is not single, neither is Kendall. I am the only single one!’.

To break it down, Taylor Swift is in a relationship with Calvin Harris, Gigi Hadid is reportedly dating Zayn, and Kendall? Is Selena giving a not so sly nod to Harry Styles with this comment?

Kendall is notoriously private when it comes to relationships, keeping her social media profile heavily focused on her career and friends, so we doubt she’ll be dropping any relationship hints à la Gigi Hadid anytime soon.

Factor in the news that according to sources, Kendall ‘is not dating Harry anymore’, and The Big Kendall Relationship Mystery continues…

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