Kendall Jenner Confirms Her New Relationship. Kind Of.

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Kendall Jenner is having a moment – more so than usual. In fact, if her quest for world domination was a visual graph, her ubiquity would be through the roof right now. Her Coachella assemble saw the search term ‘bralet’ rise by 120%, her tall-hat-round-sunnies Coachella selfie was the most liked (with 1.8 million likes) and she has recently launched a new clothing range at Nordstrom with sister Kylie.

She is #lifegoals right now, but has she now also confirmed her new relationship status? Since her pal Selena Gomez let it slip on the radio that Kendall was not single, we have been guessing the identity of the lucky guy ever since...

Is Kenny a) back with Harry Styles after being snapped together on a yacht in St Barts over Christmas, b) dating LA Lakers player Jordan Clarkson, with whom she's been spotted partying, or c) someone else entirely.

After flitting between all three options, now that we've seen this Snapchat video uploaded by her pal Cami Morronend, we are strongly shipping option b.

Just watch!

The video, which was taken at Coachella, shows Kendall nervously standing whilst Jordan runs and jumps over her head, a move which involves a lot of trust. So much so that we're adding the disclaimer – ‘Don’t try this at home, guys.’

Seeing as Kendall stands at 5"10, this is a very commendable effort by the Lakers star.

A source close to the couple told People that the pair 'keep things low-key when they're in public, but in private they're very much together and affectionate. He's really into her.' The couple spent all weekend together at Coachella.

Jordall? Kendan? You heard it here first.

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