Katy Perry Just Jumped On The Buzz Cut Bandwagon

And she is ROCKING it.

Katy Perry Just Jumped On The Buzz Cut Bandwagon

by Georgia Aspinall |

Justin Bieber is fast becoming THE hairstyle icon for women everywhere. First Miley Cyrus back in 2013, nd more recently Kristen Stewart when she went all Stranger Thing’s on us (yeah, we stole that joke from Trump). Now, Katy Perry is the latest celeb to sport the pixiest of pixie cuts and it took approx. 0.35 seconds for the JB comparisons to come rolling in.

KP debuted her new white blonde buzz cut on Instagram with the caption ‘fifth element flow’, inciting infamous hair icon(?) Bruce Willis as her inspiration. The insta now has 8,357 comments, and it’s only been 14 hours, with over half (not official stats) of them along the lines of ‘Justin Bieber, is that you??’

To be honest, we don’t know where everyone is getting off assuming Justin Bieber invented the blonde buzz cut when he quite clearly stole it off Eminem aka The Real Slim Shady.

Seriously though, we’re just jealous that she’s knocked off a good 15 minutes of her morning routine while we’re still arseing around with the hairdryer trying to maintain frizz in the Summer. Plus during those three days of heat we might get if we’re lucky, she’ll have like three hairs to maintain while we’re sweating our bollocks off attempting a messy bun that takes about three years to look the right amount of messy YET perfectly styled. Slay ‘Em, JB, cough sorry, KP.

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