Katy Perry Just Extended A Literal Olive Branch To Taylor Swift

Katy Perry Just Extended A Literal Olive Branch To Taylor Swift

    By Georgia Aspinall Posted on 9 May 2018

    Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift, the 50 Cent vs Kanye feud of the pop world, not just in notoriety but also in the ‘is this a publicity stunt or not?’ question that lingers whenever a new development arises. The latest of which, screams that yes, it is, in fact, all for publicity.

    Katy Perry, long-standing ‘rival’ of Taylor Swift, has just sent the star an actual olive branch and a note reading, ‘Hey old friend - I’ve been doing some thinking on past miscommunications and feelings between us and wanted to clear the air…’

    Posting the gift to her social media, Taylor Swift thanked Katy and it seems that the once hit-inspiring argument has now been resolved.

    And while the internet has descended into chaos, calling for Katy to solve all our international diplomacy issues, the skeptics amongst us are only rolling their eyes. As has been suggested an abundance of times, this all seems far too calculated to be the actual resolution of a real feud.

    The timing is suspicious to say the least, with today being the opening day of Taylor Swift’s stadium tour, for which tickets sales are reportedly ‘in the tank’. Meanwhile Katy Perry is not only adding more dates to her own arena tour, but is also in the upcoming final of American Idol.

    Both artists have benefited exponentially from the long-standing ‘feud’, with most major developments happening around the time of an album release or new single out and in turn giving them both more publicity than they would have previously received.

    Not convinced? You only need to look as far as YouTube to see that feuds (see: Logan and Jake Paul) automatically mean more publicity, especially when your fan-base is young.

    Now that both of them are very much in need of some good publicity, it seems likely that putting on a united front and celebrating each other would be a master PR move to boost both of their images.

    So, what do you think, the latest development in a PR-fueled masterplan? Or an extremely extra way to end real-life tension between colleagues? Call us cynical, but we’re leaning more towards to the PR side…

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