How Kate Middleton Is ‘Rising Above The Drama’ Of The Royal Rift

The Duchess of Cambridge came face to face with Rose Hanbury - who was dubbed her 'rural rival' by the media - at Donald Trump's state banquet three weeks ago.

Kate Middleton Rose Hanbury rift

by Harriet Kean |

The Duchess of Cambridge found herself at at the centre of royal gossip back in the spring, after falling out with close family friend Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. And while last week it was ‘duty first’ as Kate put on a brave face while attending Royal Ascot with Prince William, behind the scenes the true extent of that rift was being played out.

Circles in Norfolk – where William and Kate’s house Anmer Hall is close to Rose’s sprawling estate Houghton Hall – say the Marchioness is feeling ‘isolated’ after the public altercation. While the full details of the alleged disagreement have not been revealed, it was reported in March that Kate had begun to ‘phase out’ Rose, 35, from her circle of confidantes in Norfolk, the set dubbed the ‘Turnip Toffs’. According to our source, Kate is ‘rising above the drama’. ‘She’s got this reputation that she’s a wallflower, but she’s a steel magnolia,’ they said.

Kate’s stoicism was displayed further last week amid news that ‘The Fab Four’ were parting, with Harry and Meghan set to split from the Royal Foundation – the charity they ran with Kate and William. The announcement revived ongoing rumours of animosity between the four in national newspapers, which royal aides deny. But while it has to be business as usual for Kate, Rose has been profoundly affected by her separation from the tight-knit friendship group as it’s emerged they’ve ‘sided with Kate’. ‘Society is old-school in most ways,’ said a source close to the circle. ‘If you’re out of favour with the person at the top of the ladder then other people will follow suit, out of a sense of duty. Anyone who has managed to befriend William and Kate does not want to give that up by picking Rose. In the real world, if most people fall out with a friend, they can just focus on other relationships. But this doesn’t happen with the Turnip Toff set.’

Three weeks ago, Kate and Rose came face to face for the first time since rumours of the rift emerged, when they attended a state banquet for Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace. The pair were sat separately and it was noted that Rose wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. Rose’s husband, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, David Rocksavage, 58, spends a lot of time in Paris with his business partner, Francois-Marie Banier, 71. is, according to sources, is only adding to Rose’s isolation. Without her husband by her side, Rose’s remaining friends are concerned about the stress she’s under. Some support has come from an unexpected place, however: the Palace have been assisting the Marquess and Marchioness on how to handle the attention. Our source added, ‘David and Rose have been told to say nothing and “wait for the ice to thaw” amid claims they’re just victims of malicious gossip.


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Kate Middleton gardening
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