Kate Middleton Is Recruiting A New Assistant

Fancy commuting to Kensington Palace? For £27.5k per annum? Read on.

Kate Middleton

by Emily Watkins |

Fancy yourself as a modern-day lady-in-waiting? Well, today’s your lucky day – because Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is recruiting an assistant. Or at least, her Assistant Private Secretary is, and an assistant’s assistant is basically a lady-in-waiting-in-waiting!

For £27,500 per annum, the perfect candidate will be well organised, able to prioritise tasks, and up to speed with office-y computer stuff (Word, Outlook, Excel) as well as the Duke and Duchess’s work and activities.

In my mind, the assistant to a future queen would be in charge of directing flocks of small birds to lay tiaras on her head while woodland creatures fill her hair with elaborate braids and heavenly choirs sing. According to the LinkedIn ad, this job is more adminny – think managing diaries, liasing with stakeholders and taking minutes rather than measuring glass slippers or polishing crowns.

That puts me and my degree from Disney University out of the running, but if you think you’re up for the challenge then you have until May 12 to apply. At the time of writing, nearly 500 candidates have applied via LinkedIn alone – and the opportunity to participate in bona-fide royal dealings will doubtless attract many more.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Best of all, and while this isn’t explicitly mentioned in the listing, the job’s Kensington Palace location presumably means ample opportunities to gaze into the middle distance and pretend to be in a period drama between meetings. Sorry? No, I am paying attention, I just don’t know how to tell my betrothed of my love for the stable boy, swoon.

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