Rodrigo Santoro: Where Is Love Actually’s Karl Today?

Is he a heartbreaker in real life?

Rodrigo Santoro: Where Is Love Actually's Karl Today?

by Millie Payne and Guy Pewsey |
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Can you believe an entire two decades have passed since Love Actually blessed the big screen for the first time? 20 years on, and still the Christmas cult classic continues to pull audiences old and new, sending them into a state of festive exuberance. But most vitally, 20 years on, and still we can’t believe that Sarah, played by Laura Linney, didn’t get her happily ever after with devilishly handsome Karl, portrayed by Rodrigo Santoro.

Is Brazilian actor Rodrigo, now 48, a heartbreaker in real life? And what’s he up to these days? Let’s find out.

Karl and Sarah Love Actually
Karl and Sarah didn't get a happily ever after in Love Actually. ©Universal Pictures

What was Rodrigo Santoro’s storyline in Love Actually?

Sarah had been in love with colleague Karl for 'two years, seven months, three days and an hour and thirty minutes' but was always too shy to approach him. Then her universe shifted at the office Christmas party when he made a move and they shared a dance. But when she invited him to come inside after he dropped her home later in the evening, they were interrupted by persistent calls from her mentally unwell brother. Karl decided it was better if he left, but didn’t try to pursue her afterwards. Whilst longing looks in the office were evidence of their connection, it just wasn’t meant to be, as on Christmas Eve, Karl simply left Sarah with a ‘Merry Christmas’.

‘If there was a Love Actually 2, Karl is still there thinking about Sarah,’ the actor hypothesised to Entertainment Weekly.

Karl Love Actually premiere
'If there was a <em>Love Actually 2</em>, Karl is still there thinking about Sarah,’ the actor hypothesised to&nbsp;Entertainment Weekly<em>.</em> (Karl pictured at the Love Actually New York premiere in 2003.) ©Jim Spellman/WireImage

What movies and TV shows has Rodrigo Santoro been in aside from Love Actually?

We had been aware of Rodrigo before Love Actually. Born in Brazil, he had enjoyed success in film as an actor, but particularly as a voice-over artist - he was the voice of Stuart Little in the Brazilian releases of the hit kids' movies. We also noticed him in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, where he played a henchman of the film's villain. He didn't have many lines.

After Love Actually, he picked up a lot more work internationally. He was pretty unrecognisable as Xerxes, the tyrannical invader, in the hit film 300. He also played Castro in Che, starred alongside Jim Carrey in I Love You Phillip Morris, with Jennifer Lopez in What to Expect When You're Expecting and opposite Natalie Portman in Jane's Got A Gun. He's also worked in some majorly successful TV series. His character in Lost, Paolo, was not a fan favourite and did not stick around for very long. But he made more of an impression Westworld and was in Netflix's hit Project Power.

His most recent credential was in Paramount+’s teen drama, Wolf Pack.

Rodrigo Santoro and Mel Fronckowiak
Rodrigo has been dating Mel Fronckowiak since 2013. (Pictured September 2018). ©Lester Cohen/Getty Images for ICM Partners

Is Rodrigo Santoro in a relationship?

Yes, he has been dating Brazilian actress Mel Fronckowiak since 2013. You can follow their exploratory adventures over on Instagram, rodrigosantoro and melfronck. Together, they have a combined following of 3 million.

Does Rodrigo Santoro have children?

He and Mel are parents to a little girl Nina, six. They rarely post her on social media, but when they do, her face is hidden.

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