What Were Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Doing At A Greasy Spoon Breakfast In North London?

What Were Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Doing At A Greasy Spoon Breakfast In North London?

    By Sophie Wilkinson Posted on 8 Nov 2018

    Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are Hollywood royalty, and while it’s understood their jetset lifestyles will take them across the globe, there’s also absolutely no explanation we can fathom as to why they were spotted eating a fry-up at a cafe (no ‘e’) in north London.

    And by north London, we don’t mean leafy Highgate, the swish area of the capital where Jamie Oliver, Kate Moss, Jude Law and Harry Styles live, we mean, um, Finchley and Frognal.

    The newlyweds, 21 and 24, were photographed inside Rose Cafe - an unassuming joint selling set breakfasts, baguettes, burgers, jacket potatoes, salads and pies - being sweetly affectionate with one another.

    A customer said: ‘Justin Bieber was just sitting there with his wife having their breakfast. They were having a chat and seemed to be having a good time.’

    ‘His security guard was with him for quite a long time, he had a big security guard with him. They were having coffee together and it looked like a fry up. It was sweet, they were being very affectionate and having fun – good vibes.’

    Maybe they were a bit disoriented by jet-lag - only a day ago Justin and Hailey were spotted leaving a New York hotel - but unless they flew in to Luton airport, there’s really no explanation as to why they’d end up in such an area of north London.

    Bieber’s previous visits to the capital have seen him hang out in fairly surprising, non-starry places, like a pub in Holborn and a Soho metal bar, but each of these places are but a stone’s throw from some of the capital’s most upmarket, fancy hotels (he likes to stay at the Rosewood). And sure, it was pretty odd for him to start busking at the fountain outside Buckingham Palace to confused tourists and onlookers, but that is literally the Queen’s House. As for Rose Cafe? Well, there’s a, um, Holiday Inn nearby.

    Anyway, curiouser still, is that the cafe owner Mr Huseyin told the _MailOnline___ that a security guard rang half an hour in advance to say the couple would be arriving at 8am. Justin turned up first, Hailey next, then a 10-strong entourage.

    Who plans to go to a cafe? Who decides half an hour in advance they’ll be going to a random greasy spoon? Justin and Hailey, we guess!

    Justin ordered a vegetarian meal featuring many eggs, with Mr Huseyin saying: ‘I think Justin Bieber likes egg – his favourite is egg.’

    ‘They ordered the breakfast; she ordered the breakfast. They had a tea and a coffee after having their breakfast,’ Mr Huseyin added, because, well, breakfast is what he does.

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