Jeffree Star And Shane Dawson Release The Conspiracy Make-Up Palette Expected To Make Them £27 Million

They only need to sell to 3% of their combined following for the 'conspiracy palette' to be a success...

Jeffree Star

by Georgia Aspinall |

The anticipation of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s makeup collaboration has gone into overdrive as the conspiracy palette is released. With so much build-up, Star predicts the palette will 'sell out in an hour'.


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Buy the Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson collection
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The comment was made in the latest installment of Shane Dawson’s YouTube documentary The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, which details Dawson’s journey releasing a makeup collaboration with his new best friend. In a meeting filmed last week, Star reveals his team have gone from expecting to sell half of the orders to a straight sell out.

Having ordered over one million units of the palette – Star’s biggest stock order of all his monumental collections – if the Conspiracy collection does sell out, it will make a total of $35million (that’s £27million). Dawson himself will walk away with $10million – a number he seemingly couldn’t fathom having ‘never sold out of anything’.

‘A month or two ago, me and Mark we’re never nervous but we were like “I wonder what’s going to happen, will it sell out maybe half?”, Star told Dawson in the documentary. ‘And now we’re scared it might all sell out in an hour, so we’re like “did we order enough?”. We’re actually having that conversation rather than “we’ve invested so much money into this let’s hope it works out”.’

The conclusion has come after the release of Dawson’s merchandise collaboration with Star saw more traffic on Star’s merchandise store website (he also owns Killer Merch as well as Jeffree Star cosmetics) than Star’s own website got when he released the highly coveted Jawbreaker palette earlier this year.

Alongside that is also the fact that Dawson’s documentary into the creation of the palette has amassed near 100 million views over its six parts so far. Ultimately, it seems likely that of Dawson and Star’s combined 39million strong following, at least 3% of those will want the palette – which is all they would have to sell to sell out.

If it does, it will be Star's biggest launch to date, with his previous biggest release, the Blood Sugar palette, earning him over £16million.

So, if you want to get hold of the palette, you’ll need to get your cards ready for the Friday release – this launch could prove more stressful than getting Glastonbury tickets.

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