Some Evidence That Jeff Goldblum Is The True Star Of New York Fashion Week

Some Evidence That Jeff Goldblum Is The True Star Of New York Fashion Week

    By Katie Rosseinsky Posted on 12 Sep 2018

    Sure, Fashion Week is ostensibly all about the clothes on the runway, but we’d argue that there’s an even greater joy to be derived from the random combinations of celebrities that are thrown together twice a year in the pursuit of seeing and being seen at New York, London, Milan and Paris’s best shows. The front row seating plan at a high profile runway event can often prove more arbitrary than the royal box at Wimbledon, say, or a table chart at the Met Gala (both scenarios which are famed for bringing unexpected iterations of stars together in close proximity).

    Nowhere was the random brilliance of the Fashion Week guest list more in evidence than at Raf Simons’ latest show for Calvin Klein, a fashionable ode to Jaws with an A-list line-up featuring - deep breath - Kate Bosworth, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, A$AP Rocky, Game of Thrones’s Gwendoline Christie, two of the Stranger Things kids (Noah Schapp and fashion favourite Millie Bobby Brown), Laura Dern, former Grazia cover star Halima Aden, a bunch of basketball players, Jake Gyllenhaal, recent Calvin Klein campaign star Saoirse Ronan and - best of all - Jeff Goldblum.

    Why was the former Jurassic Park star our favourite fashion week attendee? Probably because, despite attending just one show this season (he told The Cut that he hadn’t been to a show ‘in years’ prior to this one), he appears to have taken to it with all the zeal of Celine Dion at Paris Couture. Not only did he turn up wearing a black and white silk cowboy-style shirt from Simons’ most recent Americana-inspired collection with a pair of what appeared to be red velvet trousers, he also had a joyful Jurassic Park reunion with fellow dinosaur hunter Laura Dern, struck various poses on the red carpet with Kate Bosworth and generally appeared to be having a grand old time.


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    Reuniting with Laura Dern

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    Jurassic Park reunion part two

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    Cheering on from the front row

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    Looking happier than anyone else on the FROW

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    Throwing shapes with Kate Bosworth

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    Posing up a storm

    With front row attendees often taking proceedings a little too seriously, it’s quite refreshing to see someone looking like they’re actually enjoying themselves, which is why we’re suggesting that Jeff Goldblum should henceforth attend all future catwalk events. You’re welcome.

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