Jameela Jamill Has Started A Weight Trend Encouraging Women To Value Themselves Beyond The Scales

She's started a body positive Instagram account...

Jameela Jamill Has Started A Weight Trend Encouraging Women To Value Themselves Beyond The Scales

by Georgia Aspinall |

Everywhere you go the topic of weight will follow you. You can be sat at home on a Thursday night and a TV show will come on about overweight people attempting to ‘shed the pounds’. You can be in work on a Friday and hear your co-workers discussing how much weight they’ve put on or lost this week. You can be scrolling through Instagram and you’ll undoubtedly see an advert for a ‘weight-loss’ shake.

The idea that our weight is so important, that it’s something we should base our value on, surrounds us every single day. However, one actor is taking it upon herself to combat that, the ever-inspiring and hilarious Jameela Jamill.

Launching her body-positive Instagram account, @I_Weigh, Jameela posts images of women who have captioned what they truly value about themselves and their lives, dubbing their weight not amounting to a number on a scale but to all the things they love about themselves. Encouraging women to look ‘beyond their flesh and bones’ captions range from ‘I weigh: great friends’ to I weigh: ‘a job I love’ and ‘I weigh: someone that will change women’s rights’.

The movement began last month when Jameela posted a picture of the Kardashian’s to her Instagram story, where each sister had a caption next to them with the number of kilograms they supposedly weigh. Themillionlady account posted it with the caption ’Does Kim look 56? Which weight are you?!’. Jameela, sharing the image, posted ‘Who gives a FUCK what weight you are’, ‘what is this toxic bullshit?’ followed by ‘this is how women are taught to value themselves. In Kg. Grim.’ She then posted her own selfie, with the caption ‘I weigh: lovely relationship, great friends, I laugh every day, I love my job, I make an honest living, I’m financially independent, I speak out for women’s rights, I like my bingo wings, I like myself in spite of EVERYTHING I’ve been taught by the media to hate myself about.’

On her motivation to start the Instagram account to combat this toxic narrative online, Jameela told The Independent:

‘I wanted a mini online museum of women who were valuing themselves properly,

‘By how they feel about themselves and the people they are, and the lives they live and change and save. Rather than by our media’s absurd standards women are expected to uphold.

‘Standards that are airbrushed, surgically enhanced and starved and relentlessly trained for by those perpetuating this dangerous stereotype.’

The account adds to the growing number of realistic Instagram accounts, fighting back against the filtered images of societally ideal bodies we see on our feeds every day. If you want to contribute to the account, you’re in luck, Jameela is asking women to keep the images coming.

You can follow the account here.

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