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Ivanka Does Stuff: Quinoa Factory Tours And Awkward Hugs

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You know what goes hand in hand with empowering women across the world, touring quinoa factories. Because, as women, we not only love to be empowered, we also LOVE quinoa. That’s right, Ivanka Trump is back on her ‘I may have been raised by Donald Trump but I promise I’m relatable’ grind, this time by visiting a quinoa factory in Lima, Peru.

The senior advisor to the president has been touring the world, giving speeches about women’s empowerment at various conferences, while also doing a whole host of fun things, all captured on camera for the perfect photo opportunities of course. And while the images may all be in an attempt to get more women on the side of her misogynist fathers presidency, they’re inspiring a host of amazing memes.

First came ‘Ivanka Does Science’, when she visited a job-training and science facility in Waukee, Iowa back in March. During the tour, she participated in a series of experiments, coincidentally snapping some ‘candid’ photographs that we’re hilariously trolled on Twitter.

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Now, Ivanka has inspired more banter on her tour of a quinoa factory, where she seemed to closely observe the grain, somewhat apprehensively, and awkwardly hug her tour guide, Rachelle. She posted the experience on her Instagram story, but we’ve already got the best screenshots for you…

© Instagram Ivanka Trump
© Instagram Ivanka Trump

So, what can we expect next? Maybe she’ll make avocado on toast and really get the millennials on side, or maybe her father will get impeached and we’ll be blessed with an Ivanka Does Law meme series? Although the way Donald Trump is threatening it, Ivanka Does War is more likely...

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