The Hills: New Beginnings Is Not Going To Be More Diverse As Heidi Montag Doesn’t Know What Diversity Means

Well, this is quite embarrassing for Heidi... And the reboot

Heidi Montag said she thought The Hills was diverse because of hair colour

by Bonnie McLaren |

The Hills might be coming back – but can somebody wake Heidi Montag up and remind her that it’s 2019, please? The star has created a furuore by saying that The Hills – potentially the whitest show on TV – was diverse, because, wait for it, there was a variety of hair colours on set. Sigh.

The reality veteran made the ‘revelation’ in an interview for Vogue, where she was interviewed in a feature alongside originals Stephanie Pratt, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge and newbies The O.C.'s Mischa Barton, Ashley Wahler, Kaitlynn Carter Jenner. (Thankfully it was filmed, so we can see the creepy portraits of her and Spencer Pratt in all their glory.) And when the reporter asked: "Do you wish that there was a little more diversity represented?" Heidi responded: "We don't all look the same ... I mean, Audrina [Patridge] has darker hair. I feel like Mischa has darker hair.”

"But yeah, we're California girls and it's a group of friends and that just happens to be the group that came together, that's just the way the show was," she continued. If you didn’t think her response was cringe-inducing enough, she ended her answer with the sentence: "I have other very diverse friends that are not featured on the show."

Understandably, the Internet had a field day, with many being absolutely baffled by Heidi teaching us all a new definition of diversity. One user joked: “She’s done it!!! Heidi Montag has ~solved~ diversity lettuce. Rejoice!” And another more pointedly said: “Heidi from The Hills not knowing what diversity means: unsurprising. What I am surprised about: the large photographs of her and Spencer on the wall that no one has mentioned. What the fuck.” While somebody else added: "To be fair Heidi has looked like 3 different people in the past decade. That’s what I call diversity.”

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f you're REALLY upset, you'll cry a mascara tear
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1. If you're REALLY upset, you'll cry a mascara tear

Remember when housemates LC and Audrina's friendship drifted apart? Lauren was so upset, she'd cried a mascara tear that become the gif to end all gifs.

Though it sounds like a very poorly executed joke, watch the video, and you can tell that it most definitely isn’t. It’s wholly embarrassing. And it also means, unfortunately, that the reboot is definitely not going to be any different. And, if by some miracle it ever does become more diverse by Heidi's standards, that means it’ll probably be by introducing a red head or something.

It was announced last year at the VMAs that the noughties show would make a return to our screens, along with original cast members Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Jason Wahler, Frankie Delgado and Brody Jenner. Although, unfortunately for many fans, it was revealed by People that Lauren Conrad, the original star of The Hills, will not be returning for the reboot.

Heidi also recently spoke to Cosmopolitan about losing LC as a friend, after Lauren confronted Heidi with allegations that she was spreading a sex tape. She told the magazine: “Sometimes things happen that will change how you feel about people, and sometimes it's very permanent. I thought with Lauren and me, we would've been friends again.”

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