Harry Styles Debuts New Song And Delivers Hilarious Shade As He Hosts SNL

A sketch where he left inappropriately horny comments on a company Instagram was a winner during an evening of highs.

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In case you missed it, Harry Styles is back. In a big way. He's made his comeback with not one, but two new singles from his upcoming album Fine Line, Lights Up and Watermelon Sugar. He is being papped wearing some gloriously outlandish outfits (hello, a grandad vest with sheep on it). He is going on the cleverly named Love On Tour. If you were in any doubt that he is back, this weekend, he not only performed on, but hosted Saturday Night Live, one of the biggest worldwide TV honours.

On the show – which saw him star in a variety of roles, including an Icelandic father, gang member and high school jock – Harry proved he has impeccable comic timing. He started his monologue with a shoutout to Simon Cowell, who grew One Direction in a test tube, giving a special mention to his former One Direction bandmate, Ringo, aka Zayn Malik, who acrimoniously left the group in 2015.

In the Grazia office, we all agree that the funniest sketch is Harry acting as a social media manager at American food company Sara Lee, when he is called in by the bosses for leaving inappropriately horny comments while logged in to the company's Instagram. ‘Feeling really depressed after threesome [sic],’ a caption to one of the photos posted on the account read. ‘What was supposed to be a fantasy ended up more rejection. Must get rid of toxic in community.’ Harry’s defence? He was still on a poppers high at 4am. (The sketch finished with him admitting that he’d DMed Shawn Mendes from the company account.)

If you were in any doubt that Harry has left his boyband clean cut image behind, fans also got to hear his new single Watermelon Sugar, where he's yearning for the taste of berries and a 'watermelon sugar hiiigh'.

Along with the actual show, during the ad breaks, photos were released of Harry dressed as a ballerina, obviously sending the internet wild. It’s always been obvious that the singer has eschewed toxic masculinity (he hosted this year's Met Gala{ =nofollow}, where the theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion), and follows his own fashion rules - and it's no more obvious when he's rocking a pink tutu.

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